Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Wildlife Photographer Of The Year

I had a look around the Wildlife Photographer of The Year exhibition at Brighton Museum recently, the photos are absolutely amazing and I would highly recommend going and having a look around if you're visiting Brighton at any time. 

There's also a section taxidermy and animal skulls on show which I took some photos of. The skull is from a Fennec Fox, which is also in the photo below from the exhibition, by Bruno D'Amicis. It was one of the saddest one's I saw there telling the story of poachers illegally selling them as pets to people in the West as there's a demand for them because they're so cute. On a side note the wonderful hand model in the photo is also wearing a couple of personalised rings I made (Thanks again for showing me around Kerrie Curzon! :D)


I also really love this chair display as you walk into the museum:

You can find out more about the exhibition at Brighton Museum here: Wildlife Photographer of The Year