Hello! My name's Kate and I like to make jewellery, take photos and hunt for vintage bits and bobs and this is pretty much what this blog will be about!

I started making pieces of jewellery for myself when I was in school but didn’t truly discover a passion for jewellery design until I signed up for evening classes to learn silversmithing. Learning about different types of metals and gemstones and how to work with them intrigued me and made me realise the design possibilities with jewellery are endless.

I’m a bit of a daydreamer so most of my pieces are thought up when I should be in the middle of doing something else, or late at night when I’m trying to get to sleep. I’ll usually make a rough sketch of any design and then just get straight to finding the right materials and then making it. All of my silver and brass pieces are sawn out by hand, so each one is slightly different and unique. I like to make everything by hand using traditional techniques to give each piece a more personal touch, and some of the tools I use have been handed down to me from my Grandad. The jewellery I make is heavily influenced by music, nature and the people around me.

All of Oh Someday Jewellery is also fully customizable, which means you can have a truly individual and personal piece of jewellery. So if you've got any ideas get in contact as I love creating commissions!

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