Thursday, 20 August 2015

Etsy Blogger Sleepover

On Tuesday I took part in the Etsy Blogger Sleepover event! Etsy UK invited a group of bloggers down to Brighton to show them around this beautiful seaside city and then to come to the wonderful Lick Warehouse where a group of us Etsy sellers had set up work spaces to show how we made our wares! This was one of my first events as a Brighton Etsy Team Leader! As well as this the Brighton Etsy Team also put on workshops by Georgie St Clair and Karli from Designosaur. I took quite a few photos on the day and thought I'd share them below.

Here's my little work space:

Hello Dodo printed hundreds of these Brighton Up Your Day prints while we were there!

Georgie St Clair did a workshop where everyone made beautiful works of art from flower petals!

Karli from Designosaur hosted a workshop making colourful dinsoaur charm jewellery

The day was held in the wonderful Lick Warehouse,owned by Lick Yogurt (which is delicious by the way, if you ever get the chance to try some do!) here's a few photos from their space

It was so great to spend the day working with other Brighton Etsy Team members and see how they create their work! All the props and tables were made by Clare from In The Making Made , the space looked amazing! 

If you 'd like to see more pictures from the day and the bloggers weekend search on Instagram using the hashtag #etsybloggersleepover

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