Wednesday, 27 April 2016

The Makers Market Part 2

On Tuesday night I took part in the first ever The Makers Market held in The Joker in Brighton. I had a really great evening as there were workshops, stalls selling jewellery, art and other crafts, a DJ and a bar! The Makers Market is a new event in Brighton that will be held every month and from hearing the plans Finola Maynard (who organises The Makers Market alongside Lucy Davidson and The Joker) has for it in the future I'm sure every month it will just get bigger and better. I'd definitely like to have a stall there again over the summer hopefully. Here's my set up from last night:

Other sellers that were there included; Billy Mather Illustration, I might have bought the Jeremy Adorabyn tote bag:

Harper and Finch with their beautiful embroidered pieces:

Fleur De Carotte and her lovely clay and leather jewellery:

Glasshouse and her wonderful terrariums and air plants:

Finola Maynard ceramics beautiful pottery (who co-founded The Makers Market with Lucy Davidson):

Finola also put on a pottery workshop and there was a live DJ playing some tunes whilst you threw your pots on the wheel! I'm currently doing Finola's Intensive Pottery Course and learning so much every week, if you've ever wanted to try out working with clay you should definitely check it out:

The super talented Lucy from Peas and Needles also held a weaving workshop, I've been to one of Lucy's workshops before and they're so interesting and really fun, would definitely recommend it if you'd like to learn the art of weaving!

You can join The Makers Market Facebook group to find out about upcoming events and opportunities HERE :)

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